How 'Supernatural' Has Helped Me Battle Chronic Illness: a Thank You Letter

To the cast of “Supernatural:”

I am writing to thank you all for your part in saving my life.

As Season 13 draws near, I wanted to write to thank you all for making “Supernatural” as it has had such a profound impact on my life and my continuing on, like Sam and Dean do, through what have seemed some inordinately difficult times.

I live with multiple health issues including lupus, fibromyalgia and epilepsy as well as mental health issues. I started watching “Supernatural” a long time ago during a period when I was always home sick from school and needed something to do that would distract me. I didn’t expect that I would not only find that but also find a lifelong friend and family (the SPN family).


Your show has taught me incredible things. In times when I had no other reason or ounce of strength left, it gave me the example of extraordinary strength and overcoming that I then borrowed as my own to keep going. It has consistently given me comfort and a fantastical world where against all odds, you can overcome anything if you just set your mind to it (and hold on tight). It showed me that even heroes have dark sides.

When I struggled with mental health issues, during my recovery, it was a great help to watch Sam deal with his psychosis and other demons, including addiction, and let me know I was not alone.

I will never forget the time I had a massive seizure and hit my head on the
kitchen floor after being in the ER the night before with lupus issues.

I went to stay with my parents afterwards as I could not stay home alone. I had a concussion, and stayed on the couch for at least three days watching “Supernatural,” season after season, nonstop, feeling so down
about myself and ill. Sam and Dean conquered monster after monster and trial after trial and it gave me hope that there would be some light at the end of my tunnel for me too, no matter how hard the obstacle was — because they were there showing me anything could be overcome. After a few episodes of “Supernatural,” I was cheered up and began making plans to write again and take classes, and knew everything would be OK. And here I am, some time later and everything seems to be working out.

I have been seizure-free since then.

I watched “Supernatural” when I was down and just diagnosed with lupus. I watched it when I started my chemo and during treatments. It has been my go-to show that wholly encompassed me and made me feel better whenever I needed it.

woman holding supernatural travel mug

My trials are different than Sam and Dean’s, and Rowena’s, and Castiel’s, and Crowley’s, and Lucifer’s, and all of the rest of them – but they have all shown me something valuable, and everyone who knows me knows I love “Supernatural” and I wear that proudly.

I am so grateful for everything you and “Supernatural” have done to change my life and all the laughter and quick wit and lessons it has brought.

Thank you for being always there when I needed it most. Family always has your back!


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