What Love Is When You Parent Kids With Disabilities

A mother of a child with a disability lists what love is as she sits by her son’s bed at the hospital.

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What Love Is When You Parent Kids With Disabilities

Love waits in countless waiting rooms of countless doctors for appointments and therapies.

Love smiles at the nurses because you need them on your side.

Love spends sleepless nights researching.

Love is a medical advocate.

Love holds a screaming child down for procedures.

Love is bold enough to say “stop.”

Love can recite endless lists of surgeries, medications and dosages.

Love knows how to smile so that the child isn’t scared.

Love cries and screams into a pillow in a hospital bathroom.

Love knows the wrongdoings but uses them to be an empowered advocate.

Love makes every efforts to set the child up for success.

Love protects, always trusts its instincts.

Love pushes past those who can’t see potential.

Love sees potential.

Love never fails because it always tries.

Love hears the word “never” but “never,” will be silenced.

Love knows that “different” is not a negative term.

Love knows that different is beautiful.

Love is happy to sacrifice.

Love is a force.

Love is a parent.

Written By MaryEllen Pollard

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