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Equip Yourself With These 4 Breast Cancer-Fighting Apps

Cancer doesn’t mark the calendar. It doesn’t care about your Thanksgiving plans and it definitely doesn’t hibernate. So even though Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over, more than 250,000 women are still expected to be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer this year.

Breast cancer-related deaths are decreasing thanks to treatment advances, earlier detection and increased awareness. So why stop at October 31? Let’s fight breast cancer 365 days a year with the device we have on us 24 hours a day: our smartphone.

Check out these four cancer-fighting apps and arm yourself with the tools and information you need to stay strong in the face of breast cancer.

1. CareZone

Never lose track of your medication again with CareZone, an app that’s as comprehensive as it is easy to use. Print a pre-formatted schedule for the fridge, get reminders when it’s time to take your medication or refill a prescription and document your symptoms and side effects. It even allows you add your medication name, dosage and other details with a quick scan of the label, no typing required.

Managing healthcare information can feel like a full-time job, whatever your medical condition. CareZone takes a little of that chaos off your shoulders, so you can stay organized and on top of it.

2. Your Man Reminder

According to Rethink Breast Cancer, studies have shown that women are more likely to watch a video if it includes a hot guy. So, they made an app on that very premise. The Your Man Reminder app allows you to have the “hottie” of your choice provide regular reminders to check your breasts.

They suggest a little TLC: touch your breasts to feel for anything unusual, look for changes and check anything out of the ordinary with your doctor. It’s a cheeky but surprisingly effective way to prioritize your breast health. You can even send your friends personalized “Man-o-Gram” reminders.

3. Ask the Nutritionist

How you fuel your body is one the first lines of defense against cancer, but knowing the right foods is always a challenge. Ask the Nutritionist was created by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and their staff of registered and board-certified dietitians to help you find the optimal diet for any stage of your cancer journey.

With over a hundred healthy recipes and more being added each month, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for including step-by-step instructions for how to prepare it. You can even search by common symptoms and, of course, ask the nutritionist questions that Dana-Farber’s team will respond to.

4. Beyond the Shock

Getting a breast cancer diagnosis is an indescribable moment for many people — a moment of fear, sadness and, of course, shock. The National Breast Cancer Foundation created this app first and foremost as a resource for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer so they can fully understand their situation and prepare for the journey ahead. But it’s also a place for loved ones looking to gain insight and a tool for doctors to share information.

Beyond the Shock is an accessible yet detailed guide to a thoroughly complicated disease. With educational videos, an ask and answer forum for discussion and inspirational stories for breast cancer survivors and thrivers, it’s truly an invaluable tool.

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