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The Many Ways My OCD Affects Me

Editor’s note: If you struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), the following post could be potentially triggering. You can contact the Crisis Text Line by texting “START” to 741-741. To find help visit International OCD Foundation’s website.

My obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is…

The nagging thought that just won’t go away.

A number of times you have to jiggle your doorknob before it feels secure enough.

The “ridiculous” thing you have to do so nothing bad happens to your entire family.

The awful things you imagine as the consequences.

The conversation from last week you keep going over in your head.

The stomach flu feeling you get each time that you do.

The unanswered text messages that make you doubt everything.

The silly routine you want to break but can’t.

The unplugged iron you have to check one more time.

The unused oven you have to check after that.

The horrible thought that plagues you out of nowhere.

A number of times you reassure yourself you would never act on it.

A number of times you question where it even came from, to begin with.

The good things you try to think on top of the bad ones to make them go away.

The fear that maybe you’re actually a bad person.

The one word that all of a sudden replays in your head like a broken record.

The couch cushions that have to line up exactly right.

The feeling that you get when somebody moves them.

The awkward thing you’re sure everyone noticed and will never forget.

The nagging thought that just won’t go away.

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