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Why I Share My Story With Special Education Students

I was honored to be chosen to speak to middle schoolers who are in Special Education and may feel like they are alone. It brought back memories for me of when I was in seventh grade. I was alone and I was so depressed. So going back to that grade and helping others is a recovery tool for me. To be able to make a change in someone’s life means a lot, though at the same time, I have to relive the past struggles. I’m their voice now. They aren’t alone! I know the struggle they are going through.

They only chose six kids out of all the schools in the area to speak. I was chosen. Now I can go back and help others not go down the same road I was following. To create a positive life for themselves in the future, to know it’s OK to be different. If anything, embrace it! I’m so excited to bring my voice to others and help them deal with their feelings.

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Photo provided by contributor.