To the National Autistic Society: Stop Covering Up Abuse in U.K. Care Homes

Dear National Autistic Society,

I’ve read about the treatment of autistic adults in your care at the Mendip House in Somerset, U.K. It’s just miles away from where I used to go on holiday with my family as a teenager. As a teenager who was not yet diagnosed as Aspie, I was enjoying holidays down the road from where autistic adults would later meet horrific abuse at the hands of your carers.

You cannot tell us as a community that you didn’t know about the issues, when the report has shown you sat on the abuse for the four years it was taking place. You should have gone to the police. You should have reported the care team to the CQC. You should have completely replaced the care team, and looking at the pictures of that care home, you should have moved the six adults housed there to somewhere more appropriate.

Autistic people having their money taken to fund staff parties is bad enough; you had to reimburse £10,000. But to deny knowledge (which you had) about those same adults being forced to eat onions instead of biscuits, having crayons put in their coffees, being ridden like horses around the facility, denied their trips out because a carer wanted to play Playstation games, and who knows what else, is disgusting!

I am fortunate. I am a member of the autistic community who has a voice. I have the ability to live in the community without professional care support. I’m able to do many of the things those residents of your care home couldn’t. To continue to deny knowledge you’ve been proven to have is a disservice to the community you say you support.

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