Why I Don't Want a 'Healthy Alternative' to Easter Chocolate as Someone With Orthorexia

During some very dark days in my life, I couldn’t admit that I actually enjoyed the taste of cocoa, because chocolate seemed forbidden. So it gives me great pleasure to say it is now a staple in my food shop.

I love chocolate, and with Easter coming up, I realize it can be quite candy-centered for a lot of people. The reason I write about it now is because I am also currently working on overcoming anxiety. My anxiety manifests as an obsession with healthy eating. This obsession (known as orthorexia), while irrational, can feel very powerful. It is something I try every day to not give in to!

Unfortunately, this Easter I have noticed a lot of “healthy Easter” recipes. Either dairy-free, low-sugar chocolate alternatives or many advertisements for “toys and jewelry” instead of the normal chocolate bunnies. Media seems very prominent at pushing forward a “milk and cocoa-free Easter.”

Chocolate for me is a very positive thing. It is a pleasure to eat (which is an important part of life!) but it is also an easy treat to take on the go, yummy at any time, and a great pick-me-up!

Now, I must admit my favorite is dark chocolate. It tastes super good to me and normally isn’t as “processed” which in my opinion does make it extra yummy. However… I also love milk chocolate. Yes your fancy high quality stuff… but also a good old Cadbury, Nestle combo!

Listening to my body is a huge challenge for me still. But when I stop trying to “compute” food and enjoyment like a science, and actually experience it like a human being, I can feel the positive effects of not just 100 percent organic cocoa… but of all the chocolate types. Dairy, milk and all! So this Easter, I will be going for my favorite dark chocolate Easter eggs… but if I just stick to those, I know I wouldn’t be able to truly relax around the fun Easter baking and friendly get togethers! When the opportunity arises to share some Cadburys or truffle-filled bunnies, I am not afraid to say I will enjoy them as and when I want to. I love getting to appreciate chocolate in all its forms, for my mental health!

I hope everyone has a fantastic, fun and chocolatey Easter!

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