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12 Morning Affirmations That Can Help You Slay Arthritis

Let’s face it, those of us with arthritis, autoimmune arthritis and related conditions do not have it easy. We wake up every morning not knowing what will hurt, what will be inflamed and what will stop us from conquering the day as we would see fit.

The reality is we will have our good and bad days, and on those bad days we may feel that the whole world is against us, including our own bodies. The difference is being mindful of when you are having what I like to call tunnel vision syndrome and only focusing on the bad so it eventually starts to affect your reality of who you think you are. This can eventually turn into how you feel which can cause a ripple effect throughout your whole physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.

When I feel that arthritis is getting me down sometimes the only thing I want to do is just sit in my pajamas all day and have a Netflix binge. I do dedicate myself those type of days where I allow myself to feel all the feels and just recoup, even if that means letting arthritis slay me for a day.

I eventually got fed up with arthritis constantly winning the battle every day, so I decided to step up and start doing more daily prayers, meditation and morning affirmations. For almost the past year I started to incorporate affirmations as part of my day to day rituals. Along with everything else, it helps me practice the concept of mind over matter. Our mind is a powerful tool and it has been my ally in slaying arthritis.

I wanted to share some affirmations that have helped me and I hope can do the same for you. My suggestion is to do these first thing in the morning either laying, sitting or standing in a superwoman (man) pose with both hands on your hips and legs spread slightly apart as to denote the confident warriors we are. Have some water, tea, coffee, whatever makes you feel good. If you have essential oils or a candle use those. Open your window to let the sun and air embrace your space and body. You can either read them quietly or say them out loud, closing your eyes after each one and inhaling and exhaling deeply. Spend anywhere from two to 10 minutes on this.

Lots of love, peace, joy and happiness to all of you.


  • I Am Happy and I Will Create Happiness in My Life
  • I Am Healing, I Can Heal and I Will Heal
  • I Am Positive and I Only Allow the Light to Enter My Aura
  • I Am Confident 
  • I Am Beautiful With My Illness
  • I Am Worthy of All Good Things
  • I Am Strong 
  • I Am Courageous 
  • I Am Blessed, Thankful and Grateful
  • I Am Secure 
  • I Am Grounded and Focused 
  • I Am Manifesting Abundance In All Areas Of My Life

This story originally appeared on Rising Above RA.