You Deserve to Have Your Health Taken Seriously

If you are not feeling well, you deserve to go to the doctor. You know your body better than anybody else.

If you go to the doctor and you are not treated well — if they dismiss your concerns, judge you for your past, ridicule you for your age, gender, or appearance — go and see another doctor. And another one after that. Until you find someone who will listen, work with you, and try to find a solution with you so you can feel better.

It doesn’t matter if you have a mental illness or a history of mental illness. It doesn’t matter if you take medication for depression or anxiety or anything else. It doesn’t matter what you weigh, it doesn’t matter if you are a mess that day, it doesn’t matter if you have old scars on your body. You deserve a doctor who will treat you with respect, listen to you with an open mind and be willing to help you in whatever way possible.

Doctors don’t know everything.

Doctors are human beings, and they make mistakes.

Doctors may act as though they are all-knowing and powerful, but they are not.

It took far too many doctors who shattered my spirits and told me I was “crazy,” and left me wondering if I truly needed to “get over it” with exercise and meditation and therapy.

And then I found a doctor who looked at me, diagnosed me with lupus, and everything started to make sense.

You deserve to work with doctors who will provide you with the care you need.

And you deserve to fight for your health.

Please, fight for your health. You are worth all the frustration.

Getty image by drante

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