What I Wish Doctors Would Tell Parents About Cerebral Palsy

It seems like the majority of doctors do not have anything positive to say about cerebral palsy when they share a new diagnosis with parents or other loved ones. As I think about this, my mind is just spinning and twirling, wondering:

Why in the heck don’t doctors tell parents about the bright side of their child’s diagnoses? I wish doctors would tell parents the positives, instead of beginning a sentence with the words “your child may never be able to…” However, I wonder if they even know the truth of the journey they and their loved ones are about to take?

I wish the first thing doctors told loved ones concerning their child’s cerebral palsy diagnosis is “your child will bring smiles to everyone around them and touch people’s hearts.”

I wish doctors would tell parents that each journey is unique. Each journey has its good and bad days. The good days when your CP warrior is smiling and happy-go-lucky and doesn’t care about what anybody thinks of them make it all worthwhile.

I wish that doctors would tell parents it will all be OK. You’ve just got to stomp on cerebral palsy one day at a time.

I wish doctors would tell parents their child with CP is more than just a statistic.

I wish doctors would tell parents their child can be the voice that changes the world for people with disabilities.

I wish doctors would tell parents their child could be the next President of the United States.

Most of all, I wish doctors understood that we are not just another example in the medical books. We are  one-of-a-kind.

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