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A Special Thank You Note to Moms With Chronically Ill Children

Dear moms,

Thank you for being there. I know it must be difficult to bring a child into this world and find out later that they are sick. Although you may beat yourself up wondering if you had done anything wrong – know that you are not at fault. You did the best you knew how and are doing the best now.

Hearing the doctor tell a mother that their child will have a life-long illness is devastating news. You may feel helpless, but at the same time you know that you have to stay strong.

You are a different breed of superwoman. From finding time to take care of yourself, you manage to keep up with important doctor appointments, give advice, be a listening ear, encourage us to keep going, support us during our hard times and are right there during are good times.

Words can’t often express the gratitude for you that comes from you being present – from being there for us in sickness and in health. By making a commitment to be our caretakers when needed and give us the push to become our independent selves.

So on this Mother’s Day, a simple thank you is not enough. It’s a special thank you that can only be felt from our hearts to yours. For everything you do and continue to do, we can only hope to return the favor tenfold.

Getty Image by Liderina