What I Wish I Could’ve Told My Mom When I Was Diagnosed With Cerebral Palsy

With my 23rd birthday approaching, I often think about the day I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and how my mother describes it to be one of the scariest days of her life. I can’t even wrap my head around being in her shoes, becoming a mom in her teenage years and then having to find out her child is going to grow up with many obstacles in her way.

It’s something I can’t fathom, and I commend my mother for being so strong through the journey of becoming a mom of a child with cerebral palsy. With that being said, I want to get into what I wish I could’ve told her sitting around the table with all those doctors saying “She’ll never be able to walk, she’ll be able to talk or live an average life.”

I wish I could have told her I’ll be more then what those doctors say, so don’t worry Mommy, we will prove them wrong and be successful in the long run.

I wish I could have told her I believe God made me this way because he knew you could handle me being unique, so don’t worry Mommy, we will be OK.

I wish I could have told her not to cry when people point and stare and ask what happened to me. They’re just curious about cerebral palsy and what makes me unique.

I wish I could have told her I will have a healthy childhood with minimal worry in life.

I wish I could have told her how much of a superhero she is, and how great she will be as a mom.

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