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What I Gained From Taking Control of My Stutter

It’s easy to fall into being an introvert if you stutter.

For a long time I isolated myself from people and when someone tried to get to know me, I sabotaged what could have been. Although I greatly wanted to make friends and build healthy relationships, I allowed my stutter to shut me out. I found myself at home lying in bed, watching television and being on the computer while my peers were out having fun and celebrating life.

One day I decided I would no longer allow my stutter to have control over me. Instead, I took control of my stutter.

Once I opened up to people and allowed them to get the Dariel Experience, I began to see that no one cares about my speech impediment. They are attracted to my sweet and loving spirit.

Before I would wait for my friends to contact me about when I was available to hang out. Now I’m the one planning our events and getting the group together, which is something I never saw myself doing before. I’m thankful for my friends and all the fun we have from going to the beach to attending concerts, and so much more!

Not allowing my stutter to rob me of having friends is one of the many accomplishments I am proud of. If everyone were the same, that would be boring. It’s our differences that makes us unique.

I want my fellow stutterers who are in their comfort zone of isolation to go out and live. There are so many people willing to accept us for who we are.

Give friendship a try. I promise, it will be worth it.

Photo credit: Getty Images