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10 Songs That Make Me Feel Less Alone in My PTSD

Music is one of the few things that helps me through my darkest moments.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects every area of my life but music, and these songs, in particular, make every struggle I face slightly easier to get through. These songs make me feel like there are other people out there who get it, who feel what I feel, and who understand. They make me realize I am not alone.

1. β€œTil It Happens To You” by Lady Gaga

This song aims to help create awareness of rapes at US colleges and highlights some of the feelings those living with PTSD may feel when recovering from sexual assault or other traumatic experiences.

2. β€œNot Today” by Imagine Dragons

This song was featured in the 2016 film, β€œMe Before You.” It perfectly captures the hope that individuals with PTSD hold onto: that one day everything will seem better, but unfortunately, that isn’t today.

3. β€œFor the Love of a Daughter” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been open in discussing her father’s alcoholism and addiction, as well as her mother’s struggle with bulimia nervosa. This song signifies the impact these issues had on her growing up, but also now as an adult.

4. β€œBecause Of You” by Kelly Clarkson

This song perfectly captures the loss of trust in not only the survivor but also everyone else in their life. It emphasizes how, for her, one person’s actions changed everything.

5. β€œWhat Would You Do?” by Bastille

β€œWhat Would You Do?” emphasizes that a traumatic upbringing filled with sexual abuse can lead to the survivor taking part in self-destructive behaviors, drugs, alcohol and prostitution to try and dull the pain left behind.

6. β€œBreathe Me” by Sia

Self-harm is a struggle faced by many living with PTSD. Sia sings about how she has been in that place many times before, feeling lost. Self-harm, although unhealthy,Β is her way of coping with that.

7. β€œMigraine” by Twenty One Pilots

Often, those living with PTSD feel like there is a lot going on in their head, which this song completely captures.

8. β€œNumb” by Linkin Park

Numbness is a common symptom of PTSD, this song focuses on childhood emotional abuse and the impact it can have.

9. β€œPraying” by Kesha

Traumatic events can often show survivors how strong they are. The song’s main message is around Kesha regaining her strength after rape, bullying and abuse by her former producer.

10. β€œ1-800-273-8255” by Logic

The song’s title hosts the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for the US. The song is a message of hope to people in a position where they may need to call that phone number. By the end of the song, the caller is determined to carry on fighting and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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