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14 GIFs That Show What It's Like to Prepare for a Doctor Appointment

Preparing for a doctor appointment can be stressful – especially if you haven’t been feeling well. Between planning out our questions and making sure we are taken seriously during the appointment, there is a lot we may worry about ahead of time.

Check out these 14 GIFs that show what it’s like to prepare for your anticipated doctor appointment.

1. You dread planning out your questions.

Image of Lisa Simpson expressing frustration saying, "Writing is the hardest thing ever!".

We get you, Lisa Simpson. Writing out our questions before a doctor appointment is not among our favorite things to do. Maybe it’s because we’re worried the question sounds silly, or it won’t be taken seriously, or that our doctor won’t have an answer, or that our questions are just going to get rushed through. On the other hand, it might just remind us a little too much of writing a science report.

Whatever the case, it’s still our number one to-do before an appointment. Writing out questions or new symptoms to share with your doctor before the appointment ensures that you have a plan. Plus it helps set the tone for the visit.

2. You worry about your reaction to your doctor’s questions.

Image of black woman sitting at an office desk saying, "Well, then we've just asked each other equally ridiculous questions."

It’s difficult to plan for the unknowable. In this case, the unknowable is how your doctor is going to respond. Maybe they think your new stomach problems are caused by the coconut water you’ve been guzzling for the last year.

Some of the doctor’s theories may sound ridiculous and implausible, but you’ve got to be able to make your case with tact.

3. You carefully prepare your updated medication list.

Image of Collette Reardon from Saturday Night Live taking several pill bottles out of her purse. Her hair and makeup is messed up. The image reads,"Taking all my medications out for my doctor's appointment like"
Via Gfycat

You do an inventory of your meds ahead of your appointment like Collette Reardon with her personal travel pack of prescription honeys. Don’t forget to add all those vitamins and supplements to your list as well.

4. You fast in anticipation.

Image of Homer from "The Simpsons" with a grumbling stomach.
via Tenor

You know you’re not going into surgery, right? And it’s not in preparation for the latest holy day. Your fast serves one purpose: to get your trip to the doctor’s office done in one visit.

You’re in full beast mode if you know that fasting before the appointment will make it possible for the doctor to run any necessary blood tests right then and there.

5. You’re holding it.

Image of a kid dancing around and crying because he has to go to the bathroom so badly.
via Tenor

Once you found out there was going to be a urine test you started drinking water nonstop.

Now you’re holding it way too long.

You’ll be ready when it’s time to go. Then after you leave the doctor’s office you’ll be going every 20 minutes because you drank way too much water. You did, however, get out of the doctor’s office in record time.

6. You cleared your schedule.

Image of Spongebob Squarepants doing all of his chores at once. The image reads," Clearing your schedule like..."

You never know how long the wait will be at the doctor’s office so you’ve got to clear at least a half day spot off your calendar.

Chores have to get done, and deadlines still have to get made though, so you’re working overtime to make up the difference.

7. You’re ready to brave the doctor’s office sans makeup.

Image of Amy Schumer wearing no makeup and a group of four men trying to casually warn her she shouldn't go out like that. The image reads, "hold up, girl. We spoke too soon with this whole no makeup tune."

You haven’t felt good for the last three weeks, but this was the first doctor appointment available. Makeup is usually part of your routine, but this doctor needs to know how you really feel, right?

You know that if you walk in there looking like you’re ready to do a photo shoot the doc will not see the bags under your eyes or less than healthy glow. Or maybe you’re just too tired to bother with the foundation anyways.

8. You’ve dressed in layers.

Image of Joey from "Friends" wearing several sweaters. The image states, "Hey listen, is it obvious that I'm wearing six sweaters?"

Between your mild fever that’s been leaving you with chills, and the extra cold office you know you’re going to be sitting in for a while, you decided it would be a good idea to dress in more layers than Joey from “Friends.”

9. You’ve brought a supportive friend.

Image of David Spade from "Tommy Boy" sarcastically saying, "And thanks for choosing me..."
via Tenor

Your bestie has “volunteered” to be a tribute, sacrifice or offering in case you need reinforcements. Unfortunately, the doctor may be more likely to listen if there is another person present to confirm the seriousness of your condition.

10. You’re prepared for the waiting room.

Image of Steven Colbert from "The Colbert Report" spraying two cans of disinfectant everywhere.
via Tenor

You’re not germaphobic usually. However, today you’ll be keeping your distance and packing your antibacterial hand gel, spray and face mask. Who wants to leave the doctor’s office feeling worse?

11. You’re ready to get attention.

Image of man spinning around the hospital in a gown with his butt showing. The image says, "Making sure you weren't forgotten in the exam room."

If you’ve been waiting in the exam room upwards of 20 or 30 minutes, you are ready to make sure you haven’t been forgotten. You’re willing to risk your pride roaming the halls in your hospital gown to get some help.

12. You’re serious.

Image of black woman with a serious expression on her face saying, "Take me seriously."

You may look young, but you know when there’s something seriously wrong. You can tell if you’re being brushed off. You’re ready to be assertive and repeat yourself if necessary. You only have one body. It’s not like you can rent another in the meantime.

13. You still get surprised.

Image of Tom Hanks in a suit looking confused saying, "Really?"

Whether you’ve been sick for only a few months or for more than a few years, you’re still surprised when your blood test results come back normal.

How could you feel like this and have the same blood results as a healthy person?

14. You’re ready to go home.

Image of man face planting on the floor after he comes home. The image states, "Good to be home."

No matter how well the doctor appointment goes, it’s bound to be draining. Once you get home you’re ready to crash.

In the comments below, tell us what you worry about most before a doctor appointment.

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