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'13 Reasons Why' Season 3, Episode 10 Review, 'The World Closing In'

“13 Reasons Why” is one of the most talked-about shows within the mental health community. This season, we’re breaking down each episode to see how the show’s coverage of mental health issues has evolved.

Hannah’s mom arrives for a surprise visit. Clay finds out there is another secret about Tony and Bryce’s relationship that makes him find a new motive for the killer. Bryce is faced with the voice of a haunting past.

What Happens in Episode 10

Hannah Baker’s mother, Olivia, arrives in town and is immediately questioned by police regarding Bryce’s death. Olivia reminds the police that they are putting far more work into finding a rapist’s killer rather than get justice for any of his victims.

Olivia informs Clay that Bryce’s family called ICE on Tony’s family and Tony knew about it. Is this a motive for Tony to kill him? Clay asks Tony and Tony says he confronted Bryce, but never hurt him.

Tony does admit, though, he told Bryce it was time he listened to Hannah’s tapes. Bryce needed to hear first hand about the pain he causes so many people. Bryce and Tony listen, and Bryce seems to feel awful about what happened. He wants to apologize to Olivia, but Tony says he thinks it’s a bad idea.

Olivia becomes angry when Bryce approaches her, even after he was advised NOT to. Could she have been angry enough to hurt him?

Clay wants to ask Ani to homecoming, but as he approaches Bryce makes fun of him (jealous, much?) and convinces Clay she isn’t interested. He pushes Clay’s buttons for a bit and eventually gets Clay to break. Bryce’s mom watches the entire interaction.

Whatever “relationship” Ani and Bryce had is clearly over now. Bryce tells Ani he needs her while grabbing her arm and Ani seemed genuinely frightened. She makes it clear there is nothing between them.

Clay tells Jessica about Justin’s relapse. This causes some tension, but Jessica decides to support Justin and continue their relationship.

Hannah’s mom visits Bryce’s mom, Nora, and speaks to her as a grieving mother. She reminds Nora that punishing whoever killed Bryce won’t bring him home. My heart hurts for Olivia and Nora.

“13 Reasons Why” illuminates an unfortunate reality in this episode, that many sexual assault cases do not get the attention they deserve. Aside from the fact that many sexual assault cases are not prosecuted, the ones that are can be extremely traumatizing for the victim. The steps taken following an assault are often insensitive to the victim and do not often take into account the amount of pain, trauma, and fear victims experience.

With many of the recent cases in the news that address sexual assault (Larry Nassar, Brett Kavanaugh) it can be easy for survivors of sexual assault to feel triggered or emotional about their own experience. If you are a survivor, please know that there are people out there that believe you and want to hear your story, and there is support available to you.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault and are considering prosecution, there are many programs available to help support you in the process:

  • Child Advocacy Centers (under 18). Trained forensic interviewers sensitive to sexual trauma interview the child in a safe, friendly environment while law enforcement, CPS, or other authorities watch through a camera or two-way mirror. These centers aim to prevent trauma to the child by interviewing them one time in a safe environment to avoid the child from repeating their story multiple times.
  • Victim Advocates. Victim advocates are available in many counties through local shelters/sexual assault centers, as well as sometimes in court. Victim Advocates can attend court proceedings with the survivor, help with victim impact statements, and give referrals for counseling. You can find a sexual assault center here.
  • State Crime Victims Compensation. Every state has a crime victim compensation program that can help assist with finances that are related to a crime that you have been a victim of. This can include therapy costs, lost wages, and medical bills.

Contact your local sexual assault center to inquire about other resources that may be helpful during the litigation process. On occasion, survivors may get a tour of a courtroom before the court proceedings begin, have an assigned court advocate or other support provided through the county.

Rating: Three out of five stars

I wish “13 Reasons Why” would have extended their scene related to the disparity between the case of murder and sexual assault.

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