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Stuck Inside? Come Hang Out With The Mighty Community!

Join The Mighty’s staff and community for a series of events designed to keep us social. We’ve got workshops, meditations, art hangouts, and more! New events for each week added by each Saturday!

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Check out our Virtual Events schedule for Monday 7/6 – Friday 7/10!

Mighty Virtual Events 7/6-7/10 - Scroll for details.


Monday, July 6

Mental Health Reset

Monday, July 6, 2pm PT / 5pm ET

Grab your comfy clothes and colored pencils and join mental health blogger Allie Curtis for a mental health reset. Together we’ll talk about mental health, coping skills, and relaxation strategies to calm any anxiety for the week ahead.

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Color & Chat

Monday, July 6, 4pm PT / 7pm ET

Join Mighty staffer Ashley Kristoff for an hour of coloring and chatting. Bring any type of art you’d like to do and use this hour to take you mind off stresses and fill it with color instead.

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Tuesday, July 7

Chronic Illness Support Group

Tuesday, July 7, 1pm PT / 4pm ET

If you are someone who has a chronic illness/health condition, this is the group for you. Here you can connect with others who have gone through or are currently facing daily challenges due to a chronic condition. You can share what’s going on in your life, listen to others, and ask for support as well as advice. Led by Stella Russotti.

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When Standing up for a Cause Seems Scary

Tuesday, July 7, 3pm PT / 6pm ET

Details TBA!

Watch on Mental Health on The Mighty.


Wednesday, July 8

Mental Health Q&A

Wednesday, July 8, 11am PT / 2pm ET

Ask Gabe Howard & Michelle Hammer anything about bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and mental health.

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Why We Talk About BIPOC Mental Health

Wednesday, July 8, 1pm PT / 4pm ET

Join Pooja Mehta, Born This Way’s Mitu Yilma & Shadille Estepan and more for a discussion about the importance of talking about culture when we talk about mental health.

Watch on Mental Health on The Mighty.


Breakthrough for Writers: Book Launch Planning

Wednesday, July 8, 3pm PT / 6pm ET

Join educator, award-winning author, podcast host and professional speaker Lynn McLaughin for part three of four in this series for writers. She will share her insight on the mistakes she made, roadblocks she hit, and where she spent money needlessly. There is no one “strategy” or “concept,” but a process.

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Thursday, July 9

Finding Your Way to Hope, Healing and Happiness: Attracting What You Radiate

Thursday, July 9, 11am PT / 2pm ET

The Law of Attraction in action. Discover the power of clarity of purpose, thought, being present and setting intentions.

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Tea Happy Hour

Thursday, July 9, 3pm PT / 6pm ET

Join Camara and Light of the MentaliTea Podcast as they talk about finding moments of joy and inspiration.

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Journaling Workshop

Thursday, July 9, 5pm PT / 8pm ET

Join Mighty editor Sarah for a free hour-long journaling workshop. All you need is something to write with.

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Friday, July 10

Mental Health Q&A

Friday, July 10, 11am PT / 2pm ET

Join Gabe and Lisa, hosts of the Not Crazy podcast, and ask them anything about depression, bipolar or anxiety and they’ll answer as many questions as they can!

Watch on Mental Health on The Mighty.


It’s OK Not to Be OK

Friday, July 10, 1pm PT / 4pm ET

COVID-19 and racial injustice are stirring up many turbulent emotions. Join life coach Yolanda Riley and explore what they bring up in you through the lens of monsters. Let your imagination run wild as we do a creative project or journaling. Let it go… it’s OK to feel.

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Chat, Craft, Create

Friday, July 10, 4pm PT / 7pm ET

Join artist Caitlin Geist for an hour of creativity! Bring your own project to work on and chat with other artists. Caitlin is experienced in a wide range of arts and will be here to chat, answer any questions you may have or offer suggestions if needed! This is an hour to create, learn, and have fun!

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New events will be added each week. Check back Saturday mornings for the updated list!