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7 Lessons My ADHD Has Taught Me

A few months ago, I officially received a new diagnosis of ADHD. Throughout the time of me embracing my new disability, I have learned many lessons along the way.

1. It’s OK to admit you’re having a bad day.

Before being diagnosed with ADHD I always had a fear of saying that I had a bad day. But now that I’ve started to attend therapy, I learned that it’s OK to admit it.

2. People will not define you by your diagnosis. 

When I was first diagnosed with ADHD a few months ago, I was terrified to come out to my friends and family and say, “I have ADHD.” Surprisingly after I did tell them, they were very supportive and they reminded me that a diagnosis does not define who you are.

3. ADHD makes life an adventure.

Over the past couple of months, I have learned that ADHD makes life an adventure from losing track of time to forgetting to check on the baked cookies. ADHD has shown me to embrace life’s adventure to the best of my abilities.

4. It’s OK not to rush into things.

Before being diagnosed with ADHD, I used to think that I would have to rush everything especially when it came to tasks. But during the process of excepting my diagnosis and going to outpatient therapy, I have realized that you can take things one day at a time and we shouldn’t rush the process to make ourselves better.

5. Laughter is the best medicine.

At first accepting the fact that I had ADHD was hard. I had a very difficult time dealing with lack of focus and hyperactive activity when it came to certain things. Now I realize what helps me cope with it the most is adding a little humor to my day. Every time I lose track of focus I say, “Oh my goodness my brain’s in squirrel mold again,” and then I go back to figuring out where I left off. Sometimes laughter is indeed the best medicine.

6. ADHD doesn’t take away the possibilities.

At first I feared that my new diagnosis would take away from some of my dreams and aspirations, but truth be told it hasn’t. It has only pushed me forward to be the best advocate for those with disabilities, radio show personality and author. If anything it has shown me that possibilities continue to be endless and I will achieve more goals .

7. Obstacles make the best stories.

Going to therapy at least once a week has helped me realize that one day this part of my life is going to be a part of my story. It’s going to help many people learn how to overcome the struggles and obstacles of being newly diagnosed with a new disability. What I have learned through this process so far, is that those are the types of stories that make the best story. I know that I shouldn’t give up on this part of my life because my story is just beginning.

I’m extremely thankful for all of these lessons that ADHD has taught me so far. I can’t wait to see what else it teaches me in the future as I continue on my journey and sharing my story.

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