I am an aspiring clinical social worker and mental health advocate. My talents include tripping over my own feet, laughing at the most inappropriate of times, being indecisive, socially awkward, extremely sensitive, and taking everything personally. My hobbies include reading and writing, slam poetry, spending hours over thinking everything I’ve ever said and done in my life, trying to convince my shadow I’m someone worth following, and tending to the graveyard in my closet. I, like most things in life, am a work in progress, but I also love deeply and unconditionally and will give anything to see another smile.

My writing comes from the heart, and I always intend to speak on important issues, raise awareness, drop some truth bombs, stamp out the stigma, and most of all ensure no one ever feels alone. Oftentimes, my writing portrays what I myself would like to hear because, I feel if it is something I needed to hear someone else most likely does as well.

I love each and every one of you. Let’s climb this mountain of life together.