I was born the day The Challenger blew up, in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia and grew up a relatively normal and healthy life. Well, as normal of a life with artistic hippie parents and discovered heavy metal at an early age but what is normal anyways? During that time I became an esthetician working in various spas and salons. A month shy of my 27th birthday I became a mother to my son Jacob and shortly split from his father. Not long after I became sick as I was struck with Autoimmune disease Rheumatoid Arthritis and just over a year later with Osteoarthritis. Two years later I am here, balancing the craziness that my life is; single motherhood, my complicated health, losing weight, raising awareness in my own kind of way and just being me. I like music, going to concerts, photography, tattoos and pretty much anything creepy. I love to travel, explore nature and have a weird obsession with the 80s…. And Judas Priest.