Erin Mahone is an author, storyteller, producer and teaching artist based in Richmond, Virginia. She has worked for nearly a decade building stronger, more inclusive communities for people of all ages and abilities. Erin has created the multi-media project #IfYouCouldSeeMe: a combination of storytelling and portrait photography designed to empower people to come out of the shadows and be seen ( Erin is also the Chief Oversharer at It Runs in the Family, a one-woman show, blog and story series — with the mission of reducing the stigma of mental illness and highlighting the power of saying the truth out loud. Erin lives with her amazing husband, three delicious kiddos and a fur baby named Kismet.

Erin’s first book, “Life, Motherhood, and the Pursuit of Sanity” will be published by Motivational Press in 2017.