After struggling through cancer and an untimely divorce, Fiona Finn was forced to reevaluate her life and the choices she’d made, leading her to seek a spiritual path forward. Since remission, she has become a leading advocate for women dealing with spousal abandonment after a diagnosis of a serious illness.

A Huffington Post blogger since 2014, her latest book iBelieve: God Shouts & Whispers (2016) is a one- of–a-kind collection of insider accounts revealing evidence for believing in miracles. Finn’s other books are Barbie: A Parody, Cartoons: A Parody, Help Me God, I’m Poor: Send Pennies from Heaven, and RAW: One Woman’s Journey through Love, Loss, & Cancer, her controversial memoir – an insider’s account of marital abandonment.

As one of nearly 289 million Americans who believe in the existence of God, she understands and empathizes with all those who feel hopeless and alone.  Grateful to have the opportunity to give many motivational speeches, she is always happy when she can tout the benefits of faith.

Featured on the AOL home page in 2014 and a spokesperson for American Cancer's Relay for Life and Make-A-Wish Foundation, she continues to do all she can to help others like herself rebuild their lives. 

A former elementary school teacher and real estate agent and broker, she was born in Cleveland, and was raised Catholic in both Ireland and Ohio.  A Southwest Florida resident, Fiona, mother of three, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the University of South Florida.

Finn is currently working on iBelieve 2, the second book in this spiritual series.


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