Waiting for an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis can be a long and lonely path, especially if you are the parent of an ASD/Asperger’s girl, as the way they present can so different from boys. The unanswered questions, the self-doubt, the feelings of being utterly alone. When Gemma found herself in this situation, she set up her blog, Coloring Outside The Lines, to try and reach out to other parents of Asperger’s girls and record life with her darling daughter. She also runs a private Facebook group for parents of ASD/Asperger’s girls, bringing them together so they can share experiences, support each other and make the lives of their daughters as bright and full of potential as possible. Gemma  lives in Scotland with her husband, ASD (Asperger’s) daughter who is 8, and their calm, relaxed whippet.