Freelance Minnesota writer, author and die-hard word nerd, Hilary Lauren reads grammatical reference books in her spare time.

She is the author of Killing Karl, a story about a career killer masquerading as an everyday man, and his wife trying desperately to love him through his deepest deceptions. She also operates J. Hill Marketing & Creative Services, specializing in copywriting, and book editing services. Hilary is an editor for The Good Men Project, a Huff Post blogger and has been reprinted on Ravishly, Your Tango, Yahoo and other publications.

Hilary also founded the non-profit organization, dedicated to providing hope, hacks, helps and resources to chronically ill and disabled entrepreneurs. She hosts the podcast Sick Bizz Buzz weekly. Learn more at SickBiz.

You can connect with Hilary on her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.