I love animals. I have 3 cats and 3 dogs. Two of the dogs live my parents but they are “my” dogs, Lyla and Ziggy. Why they live with my parents is a great subject for a future “The Mighty” post ????
When my wife moved in so did her now 9 year old pit Jovi. I have to admit I was always afraid of pits but her and I are BBF’s now, we snuggle. They have a bad rep., again good fodder for a future story ????
The three animals that my wife and I got together were our three cats. Two as kittens Musket, I am a big West Virginia Mountaineer Fan) and Tyrion, we both are huge Game of Thrones fans. The third cat was brought home by my wife when she was a year+ old because no one else wanted her. My wife said I could name her “Anything I wanted.” I jumped at the opportunity, so our third cat’s name is Missy Misdemeanor Elliot and I refuse to call her anything different.

I teach during the school year as does my wife and in the summer I Uber/Lyft and she works in an animal hospital. We are expecting our first child in 3 weeks or less ????

I love tech, I struggle with my mental health but I am very open about it, and I am also currently an out of work basketball coach ????