I am a seasoned technology marketing executive and started my career as the 301st employee of Microsoft. I then went on to create a multimillion dollar technology marketing firm. For 18 years, I was CEO and President of this company until I became too tired and ill to run it effectively. At the time, I just thought I was exhausted from being in the high-paced world of technology for 21 years. It took 8 years to learn what was really wrong when I received my diagnosis of Sjogrens Syndrome.

Having Sjögrens disease drastically effects how I feel every day — the joint pain, the severe dry eyes and mouth, organ involvement (such as reduced kidney function), and exhaustion. Without drug therapy, I can not function. I am not an unusual Sjögrens patient.

My personality is to face challenges head-on, gathering information and performing to the best of my ability. However, the “best of my abilities” has been greatly compromised. After living the ups and downs of Sjogrens for over a decade, I believe I have developed tools that help me live the best life possible.

I am currently the Chair-elect of the Board of Directors for the National Sjögrens Foundation. I write to share ideas, tips, and knowledge I gain from participating in Autoimmune Disease Healthcare advocacy and living life with a chronic illness. I also love hearing new ideas!