Jeanette Purkis is an author, public speaker and passionate Autism advocate who has a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome and a mental illness. Jeanette has worked full-time in the Australian Public Service since 2007 and has a Masters degree in Fine Arts. She is the author of Finding a Different Kind of Normal (an autobiography) and The Wonderful World of Work (an activity book to help teens on the Autism spectrum prepare for joining the workforce). Jeanette has just signed a contract for a new book aimed at people with a diagnosis of both Autism and a mental illness. She hosts a radio show for the UK advocacy group Positively Autistic (Jeanette’s Autism Show) and has spoken at many conferences and events, including at TEDxCanberra 2013. Jeanette also facilitates a support group for women on the Autism spectrum in Canberra.