Jennifer Peacock-Smith, Author, Artist, Advocate. She has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS). She has a rich story to tell of misdiagnosis, advocacy, strength and perseverance …and is now writing a series of books about it all which span four decades, nearly a dozen cities across over six different countries, but ultimately about not only surviving but thriving. Her first book will launch mid January 2017 which is a short, hands on, practical book on how she conquered Anxiety. Her blogs and books tell this story as well as the on going struggles to raise awareness and to help her children who have all inherited the condition, giving them a much better life than she has had (so far). She writes about all of this as well as all that she is learning about Chronic illness in general, and all that goes with the losses, grief, abuse and other life challenges that accompany these kinds of journeys. She shares & teaches her art on YouTube