Jo is a writer, CRPS warrior and founder of The Princess in the Tower — a chronic pain healing portal to offer comfort, strength and support to fellow pain and chronic illness warriors — but she’s also been: a magazine feature writer, a trumpeter in a jazz band, a journalist, an artist, and activist, published in the broadsheets (for the right reasons), almost eaten by a crocodile (for the wrong reasons), a volunteer in India, lost in the Himalayas, found in the Mediterranean sea, a poet, purveyor of love and lover of life, and a scuba diving, mountain-biking, skydiving, rock-climbing, fitness-loving 22 year old when CRPS altered life forever.

She clung to her much-loved career like a mosquito in a breeze until the painful neurological disease spread so extensively, she was later bedridden for 8 years. In a life of such extremes and from that bed, the princess in the tower was created. She has never stopped learning potential healing modalities, inhaling books and courses for air, from nutrition to acupressure to psychology to TCM to pain management—for the silver lining in all of this is in helping fellow pain warriors.

Knowing just how hard it is to live with severe pain and chronic illness, she is fuelled by a deep passion to support others while managing her own condition through a fusion of practices alongside her writing, art, meditation, yoga, chi kung, and unquenchable thirst for books.

Despite being floored too frequently by the capricious nature of CRPS and her obvious deficit of spoons, she refuses to let it stop her quest to support other kindred spirits, wayward princesses and pain warriors. She also shares offerings that fuse ancient healing practices with writing and creativity for creative souls, and is writing her first historical fiction novel.