Mary is a bed blogger, pain patient advocate, and art therapy proponent. Thirteen years ago, she was diagnosed with CRPS at age 22. Mary now also lives (very quietly) with daily Chronic Migraine, Cluster Headache, Occipital Neuralgia, POTS, CFS/ME, and multiple sensitivities. Though she lives her life from a horizontal position, she keeps herself busy. She began the hope-based Facebook support group Living with RSD, and the creative corner, Chronically Inspired. Mary is an online activist for health and human rights, and loves raising awareness for chronic illness issues on her blog, abodyofhope. She studied psychology and professional writing in college, and has been grateful to utilize her experience for projects in the chronic pain community.

“HOPE is the most important aspect in surviving unspeakable pain and illness. It is what takes us from suffering to surviving.”