Samantha Gill is a certified social worker (CSW), a sometimes writer and a full-time divorced mommy to Audrey, 8, and Addie, 6. Addie has mild abnormal brain MRI. (frontal lobe/gyrus, static), focal seizures, chronic ear infections and ear tube placements, managed chronic lung disease, on the spectrum, and developmental delay. Addie loves to draw, surf and listen to music. She and her service, Dog, Data love to cuddle, go to church and are BFFs. Data detects her seizures but also helps her when she needs comfort. He helps with behavior modification by letting her take a break to let her be with him, pet him, and snuggle. They have a great bond. Data came from in Xenia Ohio.
Big sis, Audrey – is in 2nd grade. She dreams of all things big and has a heart of gold. She loves to dance, sing, and dreams of stardom and living in NYC; she’s quite the actress but is very sensitive at heart. As for me, I can’t dream yet as I have yet to take a nap. However, I hope to do this someday. My awesome tribe and I exist (loudly) in New (South) Jersey.

(Addies Law Bill A3690 2015.)