I’m a 23-year-old rather gay girl from the UK. I have Bachelors degree in Filmmaking and love doing graphic design, music, photography, screenplays, fine art and writing.
My conditions (and age officially diagnosed) are: juvenile idiopathic arthritis [polyarticular] (3); chronic uveitis (4); glaucoma and cataracts (14); osteoporosis (17); panic attacks, general anxiety disorder, severe depression (18); registered partially sighted (21); osteoarthritis (22); social anxiety with agoraphobia and right total hip replacement (23). [Self diagnosed Misophonia and mild PTSD] All of my conditions are ongoing and continue to affect everything I do.
While I am unable to work at the moment, I am a keen volunteer for charities relating to mental and physical health. My goal in life is to use the knowledge I have gained from having these disabilities, along with my skills in the arts, and try my best to help others going through similar issues.