Tressia (pronounced TRES-suh) is a 40 year old woman that chooses to live life to the best of her ability while loving and enjoying her time with her amazing husband and two wonderful boys ♡ The three of them along with their Beagle are why she continues to smile every day despite her medical conditions. She lives with multiple chronic pain conditions including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Back Pain. She hopes for her pain, suffering and most importantly her strength to be someone else’s information source and understanding. She’d love for her strength to be an inspiration for all but if it only helps one person it somehow, in her eyes, gives her pain purpose. Only through her strong faith, positive mindset, happy go lucky attitude and love for her family has she overcome her most difficult days. She prays daily for a cause, cure and difinitive testing for Fibromyalgia and technology advancements in treating nerve pain. She invites you to follow her on “The Mighty” and looks forward to taking this journey with you.