The Mighty Leader Experience


Welcome to The Mighty.  We are a community of exceptional people.  People like you.

You are here because you are a leader.  We want to empower you to make a difference.  To help thousands of people with their physical and mental health.  Leading a group on The Mighty is unlike any other social network.  The people are real, their challenges and dreams are authentic, and our members are united by the common goal of learning, sharing and connecting.

Group Leaders on The Mighty help people go from uncertainty to confidence, help others realize they’re not alone.

The impact is large, but the effort is not!  We’ve made it super easy to lead a group, including:

  • New member recruitment
  • Posting prompts
  • 24/7 moderation
  • Help with copy and graphics
  • …and more!

Once your group is up and running, we can help you further grow your reach and impact including:

  • Featuring your work on our podcasts and live events
  • Promoting your group to millions of our fans on FB and other social platforms
  • Professionally written long form content
  • Ongoing support for your specific needs
The Mighty is the platform.  You are the catalyst.  Get started right here!