Behcet's Disease

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Behçet’s Disease is a rare, autoinflammatory and autoimmune disorder. Symptoms may include lesions in the mouth region (canker sores), spontaneously recurring genital ulcers that may scar and inflammation of the eyes. Behçet’s Disease is most prevalent in Turkey, but is a worldwide condition that affects patients of all ages, genders and races. While the cause of Behçet’s Disease is unknown, specialized treatment is available according to patient’s age, sex and specific symptoms. Treatment may include but is not limited to: using mouthwash with local anesthetic, eyedrops for ocular inflammation and corticosteroid preparations for ulcer-affected areas. Spontaneous remission over time is common for individuals with this condition.  

Organizations exist to provide support, information and resources to people experiencing rare conditions. Information provided in part by our partner NORD.

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