Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer is characterized by the formation of cancerous cells in breast and is usually identified when breast cells start growing out of control, forming a tumor. Tumors can be identified on X-rays or felt as a lump externally. The two most likely areas to develop cancerous cells are the milk-producing glands and ducts. Sarcomas and lymphomas can also originate in breast tissue, but are not typically categorized as breast cancer. Though breast cancer is most common in females, it is important to note it can affect males as well.

Symptoms of breast cancer may include swelling of breast, skin irritation or dimpling, breast or nipple pain, nipple retraction, nipple discharge and redness or scaliness of breast skin. Treatment for breast cancer may include chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Breast cancer organizations exist to provide support to individuals and families experiencing breast cancer in their lives.


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