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Our Diabetes Partners

  • Child's World America

    Child’s World America is a national nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to improving the overall well-being of America’s children. We are a catalyst for supporting organizations, professionals and individuals working towards better child well-being. Pragmatically, we operate a focused journalism platform (Child’s World NEWS) and a special event production and management effort (Child’s World PRESENTS). more >
  • Chronic Disease Coalition

    The Chronic Disease Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the rights of chronic disease patients against discriminatory policies and practices. The Coalition was founded in 2015 and has since worked to advocate for people living with long-term or lifelong health conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, MS, psoriasis, cancer and other conditions. We are patients, family members, health care providers, advocacy groups, medical professionals and others who care deeply about the needs of the millions of Americans with chronic diseases. more >
  • EM Warriors: Erythromelalgia Patient Support & Information Network

    EM Warriors is an international patient support & information network dedicated to empowering, educating and encouraging all those living with or affected by erythromelalgia and its comorbidities. more >