'Be Heard' On The Mighty Partnering With Fuck Cancer

Together, let’s change the way people talk about cancer. FCancer has partnered with the Mighty to create an online blog where our community can share their stories and experiences to be heard as part of something bigger than cancer. Read this story as an example of the kind of personal experience people share on The Mighty: What I Want to Tell the Woman Just Diagnosed With Breast Cancer.

Share your story on The Mighty by following these easy steps:

  1. Take a look at The Mighty’s guidelines for contributing writers.
  2. Include at least 1 photo in your email, to appear with your story.
  3. Email your story to [email protected] with subject line “F Cancer”.

Thanks for making your voice heard. Once your story is accepted, you can find your story here: http://themighty.com/partner/FCancer.

Be Heard Fuck Cancer

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