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Mania, hypomania, depression and rapid-cycling support, discussions and learning.
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How stable do you feel in managing your bipolar?
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Is anyone to the point where they always have anxiety? I am having physical symptoms of shortness of breath and trembling as well as paranoia.

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Seeking connection and walking out of loneliness

<p>Seeking connection and walking out of <a href="https://themighty.com/topic/loneliness/?label=loneliness" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23ce9600553f33fe996b8a" data-name="loneliness" title="loneliness" target="_blank">loneliness</a></p>
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Coming off setraline

Hey guys i am new to this support group and grateful for it. I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 in may have taken meds, eating right and got a good routine of sleep however my doc decided that i can come off setraline by mid july because i do feel alot better and have been taking care of myself significantly. My concern is anyone else came off setraline abrubtly with any side effects? Or no side effects? If i do get side effects any suggestions how to manage the side effects?

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I've always been super stable when it comes to work and work has always been a huge part of my life. When I had a bad depressive episode last year I had to stop being a therapist. I got an administrative position. Now that we have to go back to the office I am struggling to go back. I can't make myself do it. I am starting the process to apply for federal disability retirement, but I have to start taking FMLA in the mean time which is without pay. I'm having a hard time adjusting to the idea of not working. I've always been so responsible. I am also having a hard time adjusting to finances. I don't know what I'm going to do without income. I feel awful about myself for not being able to make myself go to work. I asked for a reasonable accommodation to telework and was denied even though other people telework. I was also given a bad performance review after I asked for the reasonable accommodation. Anyone else have stories about their work?

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how do you deal with hopelessness during a depressive episode?

after being manic for a few months... and without any break in between, I got really depressed. it's been one of the worst I've had, I can barely do anything, I am starting to contemplate suicide maybe a bit too seriously...
anyway, one of the main things I'm struggling with is thinking about the near future, I'm about you graduate college and a wanted to get a master's degree... but now I somehow don't want to or don't care, I could get a job, I could do things, get out, probably move out of my parents house, work on my small business...
but none of that seems neither important or posible, since I don't feel competent enough to try any of that,

and is not that I don't think I can get a job (as an example) but all the things around it sound way too hard ... getting up everyday, eating, dressing up ...

I just feel hopeless about everything, nothing in life seems to interest me at all.
I'm starting therapy again soon, but I haven't been able to see my psychiatrist. I want to because I think I really need a dose adjustment..
thanks for reading, and I would love to hear from you guys, #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #Depression

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Does anyone get ptsd from an episode they went through?

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I just tried to get a new psychiatrist and they don’t have an appointment until Jan 4th. This is outrageous!!!!!

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New therapy

Has anyone had experience with home Ketamine treatments. It says it’s the new thing for #Depression #Anxiety

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What’s been your experience with ECT? I have been in a bad bipolar depression and I am willing to try anything.

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