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BPD Safe Zone is a welcoming, judgment-free space for anyone who lives with borderline personality disorder to openly share, seek advice and connect with others who understand.
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I was watching a goofy TV show to get my spirits up just the other day. Two actresses do a bit that perhaps I'm making too big a deal about because I was a bit emotional at the time.

Simply put,

Actress 1 says to Actress 2:
"Are you insane?"

Actress 2: "No but I do have borderline personality disorder."

Actress 2 just pulled a face of some kind.

I don't think its a joke.

Even out of context of the silly scene I just can't get these lines out of my head.

I felt they compared insanity to bpd perhaps?

Any body else think it is out of line?

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Hi everyone! I just got diagnosed with bad and bipolar type 1 via the hospital. They didn't give me too much information but I'm reading some of the saved posts and I'm noticing a LOT of overlap with my autism dx. I have a lot of trauma but my ASD symptoms started before most of the trauma. I have therapy a week from tomorrow. Have any of you noticed the overlap? How do you manage the overwhelmingness of such big, stigmatized diagnoses?

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How do I keep myself from telling everyone I have borderline?

I have a massive need for validation and live in a constant state of anxiety.

I really want to tell especially higher up managers in my organization about my mental health problems to get validation. I have a good/jovial relationship with most of them (eg talking about computer games and having lunches etc.). However it’s a really bad idea as it’s emotional dumping and unprofessional.

Most people at work do t know about my issues though I’m sure they talk a little about it from time to time.

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Suicide...sin or blessing?

I am an atheist who grew up in a Christian family. While battling my bpd as a teenager, the only thing that kept me alive was the belief that suicide was the only unforgivable sin. I now look at suicide as a blessing for the ones who are able to follow through. The thought of escaping my brain, the pain, the traumas, and the world. The relief of just not being, no heaven or hell, just nothingness. I now keep pushing everyday not for myself but, for the ones I love. I am starting to feel resentment towards them. Do they not want me to be happy? Could they ever understand the intense emotions that I feel constantly, and if so, would they then understand? Pushing everyday just for the sake of not hurting others is no way to live. Why can't others see?

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Quiet BPD

So I was diagnosed with BPD about 4 years ago. I have most of the symptoms... except for the rage. I internalize all the anger and sadness I experience and it turns into self loathing. Turns out I have quiet BPD.

Can any of you relate? How do you cope with it?

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tonight i got bored and turned to google for facts and such about mental health, something i have always been fascinated by. for many years i have, from time to time, latched onto topics of interest in an obsessive capacity. i have an autistic friend who has very specific special interests and i kind of felt like i could relate with that, so i googled "what mental health disorders involve special interests other than autism" turns out its extremely common with BPD.

d any of you have any special interests? mine right now seems to be trying different cultural foods to learn abut those cultures. just this wek i tried birria tacos for the first time and they were amazing.

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Why do people say “why do you have to make it about you?

It isn’t like I do it purposely. Someone does/says something it evokes emotions/thoughts in me….

I used to bottle them up, but that just led to me then having a “me moment,” aka an explosive moment.

Over enough time I have tried expressing and it actually helped a lot.made a friendship better..

….I still get told “why do you always make it about you?” When I express. Which they told me to! They get…however if I bottle up or if I let it out.

It isn’t about me! But it did make me feel/think something and I am trying to figure out if it is real or in my head!! #BPD #Trying #damnedifyoudo

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I got upset today by this old guy at work, my team leader. Today was his first day back from vacation. He knows my back is broken and that I need surgery. But when I explained to him how it had fell through, since the surgeon didn't think I would heal due to my high stress levels, he just chuckled and said I have to be more assertive. He has zero compassion, or he is really good at hiding it.

I was sad and angry the whole day beacause of this, I still am.

I don't know what to do. I don't have anyone I feel I can talk to. I don't want to be consumed by hatred for this guy, he is my boss. I know he doesn't like me. I don't like myself either. I don't know what to do about it.

Should I try to talk to him about this? If so, how?

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Its a phenomenon

So years gone by now I've always had a favorite person, and they were usually an abuser but I'd manage to trauma bond and it went way beyond what I'd say was a healthy predilection. I got on Invega Sustenna 2 years ago and most of the symptoms of my BPD actually were controllable for the most part and I didn't feel inclined to have a FP anymore. But now I just... feel so alone and lonely, like I don't have anyone important on my side who cares that I'm alive. Its so weird. Does anyone else have this kind of issue?

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Does anyone have a relatively healthy relationship with your FP? What are things thing they’ve done for you that you find healing?

I’ve seen lots of people talking about unhealthy relationships with their FP. But are there FPs who are healthy? What are things they do that are good for you? What are good things they have done in response, when you do something that often would otherwise destroy a relationship? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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