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If you have Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Anxiety/Panic, PTSD, OCD, or any other mental health disorder(s), society often categorizes men as tough and stoic. This makes it very hard for men to freely express their emotions. Now we have a safe haven where men are able to share their thoughts, feelings and ask and answer questions without judgment.
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A good day yesterday.

I restarted on an old project. Made the effort to ask for help. Not typical for me. Also went to lunch at the senior center and made a new acquaintance.

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Welcome to all the new members of my group. During the summer I may not post as often. But please feel free to post any thought big or small. We are in this journey together.

Community Voices
Community Voices

Walk And Talk

<p>Walk And Talk</p>
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Monday Again

<p>Monday Again</p>
Community Voices
Community Voices

Fear Can Change

<p>Fear Can Change</p>
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Allow Joy

<p>Allow Joy</p>
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Okay It's a Pajama Day

<p>Okay It's a Pajama Day</p>
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Hot Mess

<p>Hot Mess</p>