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#CheckInWithMe is our flagship Mighty program. It started as a single hashtag and has now grown into thousands of members who check in with each other daily (and in turn, ask others to check in on them too!). It embodies everything The Mighty strives to be: a place to show up exactly as you are. This group is an extension of that hashtag. Post about what you’re going through, ask for advice, or post a pep talk that someone else might need to hear. Thank you for living out the #CheckInWithMe promise every single day.
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My soon-to-be-ex husband dropped off divorce papers for me to sign today (Friday).

It's my 50th birthday on Monday.

This is the person who, one week after I'd put one of my cats to sleep, announced he wanted a separation, failing to mention that he'd met someone else. And that she was married. With a son. Best of luck to them. I hope she does to him as he's done to me.

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Down the mental rabbit hole

Hi all, I am new to this group. I am really struggling today. I have been on leave from my teaching job for 2 years now. My old school is closing and I need to pack up my classroom. I am suppose to try and go back to work part time in the fall - if I don't I will lose my contract. The last few days have been really high pain days for me and my brain fog has been brutal. On my good days I feel like I could be okay to go back, I really miss teaching- on days like today I wonder what I am thinking. Of course it doesn't help that I feel guilty and stupid for not being able to convince my brain that it is over reacting and that my body isn't in real danger. It feels so stupid to be suffering as much as I am and to be told over and over that it is just my brain over reacting to non dangerous stimulus. #CheckInWithMe #ChronicPain #Teacher

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Party of 1


I feel so alone. This week has gotten me good. I have a ton of "friends" on Facebook (from elementary school, high school, a group I'm in and a few from those online parties (Color Street, Zyia, Origami Owl...), but no one has "liked" any of my posts in about a week. I feel like people are tired of me and don't want to deal with me. I try to show I want someone to care if I'm ok or not through sayings or whatnot, because asking for help is very hard for me, but no one asks if I'm ok. All the people I'm really friendly with at work have either left the department or left the company/ retired. There are 2 young girls (probably 15 years younger than me) who just joined my section of the department and w/in a month are now my section leader's pet's. One just ignores me or gives me attitude when I try to tell her something or answer a question she asks "into the air"(basically just asks and hopes someone answers). I just want to cry. I feel like I don't exist. What is wrong with me? 😥 Sure I have my mom and my boyfriend, so why do I feel so invisible?

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Covid & Guilt are taking me down

I’ve had Covid over a week now. I’ve had it pretty bad. Sickest I’ve ever been. I’m sure the fact that has had me in bed all this time isn’t helping. But I had the biggest breakdown I’ve ever had this year. Moved home with my parents for 3 months (I am 50 with 4 children and a husband). That’s how bad it got. I couldn’t stop thinking the kids deserved a better mum. But I was on my way up. Back at home. Back at work. Feeling positive. Then 6 weeks in, Covid. And now I’m sitting here crying about what a terrible mum I am. How all I ever wanted was to be a good mum. All I can think about are all the things I’ve gotten wrong. How me loving them with all my heart had not stopped them having a mum who had mental illness issues all their childhood. I am so heartbroken. How do I get back up with this pain I feel.

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Community Voices

Don’t want to sleep

Hate it when I can’t sleep and my past traumas or just overthinking brain keeps me awake. Anyone else out there struggling tonight? Need to know I’m not alone. Don’t want to sleep and dream of things I wish I could forget.

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Dad's day remembering an emotionally distant father. #CheckInWithMe #Anxiety #CPTSD #BipolarDisorder #ADHD

So, this weekend is Father's Day. I'll get to say Happy Father's Day to my brother, my son, and my brother-in-law. Who I won't be able to say it to is my father. He passed away 10 years ago, but we had hardly talked for the majority of my life. I was daddy's little girl when I was young, but he was always emotionally distant. I miss my dad something fiercely, but I have missed him forever, it seems. It is only within the last month that I became aware that there was a term for that. I have discovered my brother and sister feel the same way. Yes, I'm going to miss my dad this Father's Day.

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Last night shift ever!

For the last 13 months I’ve worked 3 12 hour night shifts (7pm to 730am) per week as a new RN... well last night was my last night shift ever and I’m officially switching to day shift. I can’t tell you how freaking happy this makes me. I know it’s going to be so much better for my physical and mental health. 🙏🏼

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What’s a habit that’s serving you well? What’s a habit you want to end/change?

<p>What’s a habit that’s serving you well? What’s a habit you want to end/change?</p>
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What helps relieve SI joint/pinched nerve pain?

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