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How come my friend has applied to my group but it has not shown up? Where does this show.?

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New Group

I started a new group called “Living With Alzheimer’s”. To draw people in it was suggested I share a link to a post that I make. I need directions on how to share the link. Can you help me? #alzheimers #Dementia #MemoryLoss

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leaders having problems in Peer support

I thought that came out but I thought I'd share

It's more Then okay to have problems as a leader. If we want having problems in peersupoort h then we wouldn't be peers And as leaders would be hypocrites

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Community Leader Chat Sessions?

Are there ever virtual Community Leader chat sessions? It would be really nice to meet other leaders and share our experiences.

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Surgery 5-12-22.

I just wanted to let my leaders to know that I am having a total right knee done this afternoon and that I won't be in the Mighty today unless it is to wake up overnight to read the posts. I do more reading than posting because as soon as I think of what I want to say, I fall asleep. But do know that I get more out of reading than trying to find a counselor that doesn't understand our #chronic pain, #chronic illnesses, #UCTD , #Fibromyalgia , and my list of #mental health problems, plus about #10 more problems that I have. Thank you all for being here.😉 And I will talk to you soon.🤗!

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How do other community/group leaders carry the weight of a group member dropping in our laps, putting on our shoulders that they have an “end game”?

As a group leader especially, we cannot leave this without a reply - when someone is literally letting us know that they don’t really want support, that they are giving up, and they want to end their lives, and they have a plan to,

I can’t just give the suicide hotline and move on. I have tried to pour my heart out with compassion and supportive words, but of course we’re not getting through to them when they are in that bad of a state of mind.

And I don’t want myself or other members of my group to be put in this situation and have another reason they can’t sleep or grapple with how to stay on The Mighty, which isn’t fair to us to even consider and struggle with how to give and get support when this situation keeps happening.

I was even just inboxed a thank you for my approach to supporting this one person- so I thought I reached them a bit, that I helped, like I gladly help/support/uplift/give my strength and hope to so many, but this person, in the next sentence in my inbox, tells me they still have an “end game” to end their life, and then I see they have written this in many replies to others’ posts on The Mighty.

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New co-leader for MHC group

<p>New co-leader for MHC group</p>
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<p>PLZ PRAY!!!!</p>
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How we make suggestions to improve your Mighty group

<p>How we make suggestions to improve your Mighty group</p>
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