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This is a space that provides help, compassion, and kindness for when our constant negative thoughts seem too loud, and we want to find peace of mind. My expertise is with overcoming depression and suicide, but we regularly discuss a wide range of other mental health obstacles such as anxiety, loneliness, relationships, BPD, bipolar, addictions, autism, ADHD, OCD, chronic illness, bodily pain, and more.
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mind vs. heart

Hey guys,
today is one more curious day;
nearly all of the day was fine.
And suddenly the thought of "i have to....." comes in my mind. "I have to buy food!!" - "I have to look after my chickens!!"

As if that won´t be enough, the impulse to selfharm came along.....
I concentrated on chilling at home; then I decided to buy food.
My chickens can wait until sunset.

Now I´ve learned one more lesson:
Focus on what you are able to do right now!!
This time it worked.

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× " Sooo I Got Home Early From Work.... " × #Anxiety

× " I Walk Into The House Wierdly Silent And At Peace... And I Was Totally Being Ignored Which Is What I'm Used Too Alway's Being Ignored... Sooo My Sister Was Not Herself... Nor Her Husband... And My Nephew... Were All Acting Wierd... Until I Wanted To Go Outside.. Into The Back Yard... Just To Chill And My Nephew Stop's Me... And Finally Tell's Me That Thier Old Dog Finally Passed Away... This Morning... Now Mind You I Have No Feeling's Or Any Kind Of Sense's Of Reaction's With My Emotion's... I Only Have Cryed 5 Time's My Entire Life... Only When My Dad Died... Mother And Brother... And My Son And When My Marriage Ended... I Don't Know Why I Never Have Any Emotional Feeling's When Pet's Die... I'm Fucked Up I Guess Idk... " × ☆ S. K. ☆ #Anxiety

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× " HAPPY 4TH OF JULY " × #MightyFam #Holiday

× " Hello, There Mightie's... This Is Your Residential Mighty Poet... Wishing You Are Well And Staying Safe On This Day... I Know That Alot Of People Don't Deal With Firework's... Etc.. But Alway's Grab A Stuffed Animal.... No Don't Go Squeeze Your Poor Cat's And Dog's... Insert < Sarcasm Here > 😂🤣... But Anyway's... I'm Sorry I Have Been Very M.I.A Lately... Take Care My Family... ❤❤❤❤ " × #Holiday Sincerly, ☆ S. K. ☆

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I’m not giving up

<p>I’m not giving up</p>
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× " A Letter To My Feuture Partner Or S.O. " ×#Thing 'sToKnow#list

× " Dear, Feuture.... Someone.. I'am Unique... And An INTROVERT With... Alot Of Physical × Mental Health Disabilitie's... I Would Like You To Know That I'm Very Different Than Other Women... It Will Take Time For Me To Be Fully Open With You... I May Take Time To Become " Intimate " With You No Rushing!! Please.. I'm " NOT " Your Energizer Bunny... You Cannot Request Getting Laid Whenever You Please... I'm A Cautious Person When I Plan Or Do Thing's... I'm A Homebody... If I Want To Travel Or Do Something.. Then I Will Tag Along... Boundrie's × Prioritie's Are A Huge Must With Me.. Please R.E.S.P.E.C.T Them At All Time... I'm Not Big On Smooothering I Don't Like It... I Need My Alone Time... I'm Also Very Easy To Please... So Don't Worry About Expensive Gift's Etc... I Have " Learning Disabilitie's " Please Be Super Patient With Me... I Easy Forget Thing's... I Can't Hear Well.... I Have A Big Pure Honest Heart.... I'm Kind × Helpful... I Have A Sense Of Humor Funny And Sometime's Dark And Dry... I Deal With Chronic Pain... Depression... Anxiety... I Was Born With Cerebral Palsy... But I'am Still A Human Being... No Matter What... " × Sincerly, ☆▪︎☆ S.K. ☆▪︎☆#list #Letter

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Weekly sharing

Hello Mind Conquerors!

Like i would like to do every friday, i will repropose this initiative, these are the concepts:

- Sharing how you are feeling in this moment

- Activating notifications on this post

- Reading comments as they are being made, and replying to those to which you can relate to, either with practical advices or kind words :)

The idea is to make us talk with each other in a form that look like a community chat, to stimulate communication and give life to interesting conversations!

If you don't want to comment or reply, don't feel like you have to!

You may just read or skip without any problem, as you please 😊

*Following our group leader's idea, could we give an heart to those who decide to comment and open up?
We do support other people in this community, so it's nice to make everyone feel cared of!*

Thanks to everyone who spent time reading this post :)

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Learning to foster Patience

<p>Learning to foster Patience</p>
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Keep it simple

<p>Keep it simple</p>
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× " I Don't Know Why I Give Any Emotional Or Love To Anyone Anymore... " ×#trustissue 's#Thought 's

× " For The Past Year I Have Felt Soo Alone... And Lost Sometime's I Feel Like The Event's Of My Life Were Never Supposed To Happen... But They Did Starting With My # Molestation At 14 Then #raped At 16... I Left Family At 18 And Got Married At 19 I Had A Baby And Lost Him.. To " Sudden Infant Death Syndrome " And Then The Losse's Of My Mother And Brother And Lastly The End Of My 17 Year's Of Marriage... I Truly Tryed My Best To Be The Best Wife To My Ex-Husband... But I Was Never Enough... And Not Up To The Standards Of His Sibling's... I Loved My Father In Law... My Mother In Law And I Budded Head's Constantly... Over My Ex... Now That I Didn't Understand I Have Alway's Felt Like A Was 3 In Our Realtionship... But Again I Don't Understand Men At All Anymore... My Marriage Felt Like A Chore.. TBH And Now I'm Deadset On Never Getting Re-Married Ever Again... I Tryed To Set Boundries And My Ex Didn't Listen To Me So I Needed To Walk Away... Thing's Were Never Going To Change With Him... His Priority Were His Mother...Brother And Women Co-worker's.. Which Is Messed Up... But I'm Glad I Walked Away From The Constant Being Ignored Like I Didn't Exist.. Now I Can't Even View Men In A Diffrent Way... Because I Feel Like I'm Going To Get Hurt Again... Used For My $ And My Kindness... " I'm Not Bashing Any Men Ok... These Are Just Feeling's And Thought's.. Not All Men Are Jerk's.. Yes I Get Hit On At Work And It Get's Boring Quickly Especially If It Older Men... Idk Why I Attract Those Type's.. And It Litterly Make's Me Want To Be Single For The Rest Of My Life.. Is There Something Worng With Me... Idk " × # Thought's#trustissue 's ☆S.K.☆

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