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This is a space that provides help, compassion, and kindness for when our constant negative thoughts seem too loud, and we want to find peace of mind. My expertise is with overcoming depression and suicide, but we regularly discuss a wide range of other mental health obstacles such as anxiety, loneliness, relationships, BPD, bipolar, addictions, autism, ADHD, OCD, chronic illness, bodily pain, and more.
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Weekly sharing

Hello Mind Conquerors!

Like i would like to do every friday, i will repropose this initiative, these are the concepts:

- Sharing how you are feeling in this moment

- Activating notifications on this post

- Reading comments as they are being made, and replying to those to which you can relate to, either with practical advices or kind words :)

The idea is to make us talk with each other in a form that look like a community chat, to stimulate communication and give life to interesting conversations!

If you don't want to comment or reply, don't feel like you have to!

You may just read or skip without any problem, as you please 😊

*Following our group leader's idea, could we give an heart to those who decide to comment and open up?
We do support other people in this community, so it's nice to make everyone feel cared of!*

Thanks to everyone who spent time reading this post :)

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× " How To Re-Learn How To Date... And Also Disclose Your Physical & Mental Health Condition's " × #Thought 's #curiosity

× " Please Note : That This Post Is About Trying To Start A New Chapter... A New Beginning... So Please Don't Leave Comment's About.. How I Should Just Love Myself Frist.. I Have Been Doing It.. The Best Way's That I Can... Now What's The Best Way To Tell Someone About Physical And Mental Disabilities... My #CP Is Noticable Because I Have A Limp... I Think That I Would Probably Wait Until They Ask... But Who Know's People These Day's Are Super Dismissive And Picky.. " × #Thought 's #curiosity ☆ S.K. ☆

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Finally my mind is quiet

<p>Finally my mind is quiet</p>
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× " YIKE'S!! I Just Broke My Glasses... " ×#It 'sAboutTheTime #NewEyeGlasses

× " Man I'm So Mad Right Now.. Well I Guess I Need To Set Up An Appointment At America's Best... And No I Won't Do Contact Lenses.. They Scare Me.. But For 2 Pair's Of Glasses And A Free Eye Exam... $79.95 For Glasses And An Exam .. What A Day.. " × ☆ ☆☆ S.K. ☆☆☆

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× " I Had An Extremely Busy Day Along With Stress " × #extremely Exhausted

× " I Ran The Register All Day Plus Clean The Dine-In Etc.. Atleast The Old Hen's Were Quite All Day... Not Critical Or Bossy Today.. It Was A Mircale.. I Have Tomorrow And Saturday Off... I Need A Break.. I Feel Like I'm Going To Have Another #Mentalbreakdown ... At The End Of My Shift I Went To Go Clean And Lucky Me.. I Found $20.00 And On My 1st Day I Found $5 LOL Sooo Atleast That Topped Off My Day... Now I Just Hope To Be Left Alone For 2 Day's I Need Sleep And I Also Hope That Thing's Change At My Job Today Was The Last Day Of My Favorite Male Assistant Manager He Put In His 2 Week's... It Suck's... He Just Wanted To Make The Store And Hopefully Raise Employee Moral... But Nope My GM Love's Not Giving Other People Control Or Want To Try And Change Thing's... It's No Wonder Why People Keep Quitting.. I'm Also At The Brink Of Wanting To Find Something Diffrent But I'm Not Happy It's Just More Stress And Pressure On Me And My Physical And Mental Health" × #AnUpdate ☆°•°☆ •°•☆☆ S.K. ☆☆•°•☆

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Filter your thoughts

<p>Filter your thoughts</p>
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× " The Stress At My Job Is Killing Me.. " × #Stress #Thought 's

× " So Today I Did The Register All Morning... Idk Why People Are So Indecisive About Food... Like Look At The Menu... Before To Come To The Restaurant Or Order-Online... And Then I Have 2 Co-worker's Who Hate When I Do The Register... They Keep Yelling At Me For Everything.. And The Customer's Are No Help With Thier Order's... Because They Speak To Me In A Low Tone Voice.. So I Can't Hear Well... I Ask Them To Please Repeat Thier Order... And I Got Some Right And Some Worng.. Due To Customer's Not Getting Off Thier Phone's To Order.. So How I'm I To Alway's Blame... And I Only Worked 3 Day's For This Week... All I Wanted Was My Brithday Off.. Not 4 Day's Off... But My Body Is Healing For Now... Maybe My Boss Is Trying To Save Money Who Know's... Then My Sister Asked How Was Work... Ugh I Didn't Want To Talk.... Hopefully The Next Schedule Is Back To Normal... I Have Never Experienced My Hour's Being Cut Is It Normal To Do That ??? " × ☆☆ ☆☆☆ S.K. ☆☆☆☆☆

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I have read how a constant shifting identity in BPD can lead to confusion over sexual identity. Can any1 relate to this or elaborate?

<p>I have read how a constant shifting identity in <a href="https://themighty.com/topic/borderline-personality-disorder/?label=BPD" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23ce6700553f33fe98e87d" data-name="BPD" title="BPD" target="_blank">BPD</a> can lead to confusion over sexual identity. Can any1 relate to this or elaborate?</p>
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Community Voices


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