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If you have rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or know a loved one or someone close to you with RA, this group was formed to help provide support, advice, and a community to those afflicted by this chronic condition. Anyone can join as long as you are respectful, considerate, and think before you post/respond to make sure you are not unintentionally harming others. The more the merrier!
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Test coming to see if another COVID shot is needed & if so when.

This is especially important for those (like alot of us, including myself) who have weakened immune systems from RA meds.


Gives us something to look forward to so we can see if we are adequately protected & possibly avoid taking more shots unnecessarily.

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Hello weekend

<p>Hello weekend</p>
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Anyone have wrist replacement surgery??

Seriously considering wrist replacement but looking for someone(s) who have been through it...I've had all MP joints replaced and ok with surgeries in general but wrist seems normal life restricting, just looking for input

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Brand new diagnosis

When I was fourteen, I spent four months in bed because my hips hurt so bad, I would cry if I had to walk further than the bathroom. My parents had no health insurance so I never saw a dr. When I was pregnant with my children, it felt as though my hips were going to tear away from my body. When I was working and on my feet all the time, my legs would ache and almost burn with pain. In 2017, I had to quit working because the pain in my lower back and right leg was unbearable, as was the grapefruit sized swelling in my ankles. Doctor after doctor after doctor said there was nothing wrong, it was just age, or menopause or stress. In May 2020, I went to the ER with mild chest pains, only to discover I had two lungs full of clots and no idea how they got there or where they came from. This began a more than two year long process of seeing a hematologist, a geneticist, an internist, a cardiologist, a neurologist, an orthopedic spine specialist, a rheumatologist, a therapist and even a psychiatrist and the only answer I was given was, fibro. Even the rheumatologist didn't do anything, claiming, he didn't treat fibro and actually believed fibro was just a catch all for the general aging process. This month, everything changed. Despite the pain, the stiffness and the lack of knowledge, I helped my husband finish a small remodel of our kitchen that had been over a year in the making. After painting my wainscotting three times in a week because I didn't like the colors, I woke up with the worst pain, the worst stiffness and the worst misery I had ever experienced. This was far worse than the pain when I was fourteen, this was bone on bone pain, in my hips, my legs, my ankles, my feet, my hands, my wrists, my back, my neck, literally every joint in my body. Thankfully, I was days from seeing a new GP, so I bided my time and waited patiently for the appointed day. During that time, I began to notice large bumps on my hands and fingers, as well as the sides of my feet and my toes. When the day arrived and I went to see her, she took my complaints seriously. So, seriously in fact, she immediately ordered blood tests to confirm what she suspected. I told her I had had these tests before and they were always negative. She said, its still possible to have rheumatoid arthritis even if the tests were negative. Later that day, the test results came in and yes, they were all negative, save one. the C-Reactive Protein which was elevated. OK, so I have inflammation, that didn't mean it was RA, did it? The next day, I sent her a message asking her if it was possible I did have RA, she replied yes, I did have it and she was referring me to a rheumatologist for treatment and care. I broke down crying. Finally, someone believed me, that I wasn't making it all up and that there was something really, really, really wrong with me. Shortly after the blood clots were discovered, a woman who I thought of as a sister, called me and started berating me for going to the doctors, for taking the medications and for trying to find something that she said wasn't there. For a moment, I considered that maybe there really wasn't anything there, that maybe I was just being paranoid, but then I got really angry with her and hung, but not before telling her that she and I were through. She to this day has not called to apologize and I have not called her to ask her why she did that. Now, I know, I was not making it up, there really is something wrong with me, that my body was right in telling me for so long to keep looking. But, along with this diagnosis comes severe apprehension and fear. The more I learn about RA, the more I wonder just how much worse it will get. So, any advice for a newbie would be greatly appreciated.

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Checking In

As we start a new week I wanted to see how everyone is doing. Do you need support? Do you need to vent? Or do you have something to celebrate? Please share with us how life is treating you right now.

I’m getting ready to go on a road trip to see my son graduate college. It’s exciting but it’s the first trip I’ve done in a while. I’m anxious about the long ride and taking care myself and setting limits. I am not the primary driver but I will be helping.

I’m going to focus on the positives since I can’t control everything- just my actions. Wish me luck! #TravelingWithRA #autoimmunelife #RheumatoidArthritis

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Asking for help

<p>Asking for help</p>
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cbd tea

anybody ever tried cbd tea??? Just curious, Im thinking of trying some

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How do y’all handle having to change your level of activity.

I am struggling with the fact that I may not be able to work full time anymore. I am only 54!! I work in the medical field, I am a mom, I am a new grandmother and I am not used to having to put myself first. How did y’all do this???

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Unspoken Challenges

<p>Unspoken Challenges</p>
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