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Hey! My name is Kalli and I’ve started this community so that anyone and everyone can have a safe place to chat! You are never alone and you don’t have to bare your burden alone! TeamSafeZone is a place everyone belongs regardless of shape, gender, religious beliefs, and abilities! WAYFN is our abbreviation for We Are Your Family Now! You are so much stronger than you think you are and you are amazing regardless of what people have told you! We also have a family group on Discord and it’s the safest place to come chat about life! We accept everyone and we do not judge! Join our family community today! My discord username is kalli_aria#3391, if you’d like to be added to our family! YOU BELONG, YOU MATTER! and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
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Where is everybody?

HUGS all around. I only see three posts from months ago. What happened to this group? The point of this particular group is sooooo important to so many of us Mighty Spoonies it just has to happen. ☀️🌻💜

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Has anybody ever dealt with irrational thoughts of your spouse or partner been unfaithful even though they're not #Anxiety

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You ARE enough!

<p>You ARE enough!</p>
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