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lgbtq+ friendly, all races welcome, unconditional respect even if one doesn't agree with someone's opinions
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Feel free to post a thought ☺️

We would like to hear how you're coping 😎🥳 #CopingTips

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What is mindfulness and how does it work for me?

When people think of mindfulness, they think of it as awareness of chewing food slowly or washing dishes without automatic processing but complete awareness. To me, that sounds great but I value automatic actions because my mental health revolves around productivity and balancing it with my mental health.

In fact, I use mindfulness for automatic thoughts or gain insight into my feelings. For example, why do I feel a certain way and exploring the roots of my feelings. Or eventually having the automatic thought that I do not like a way certain person behaves. So, instead of excluding them, I am mindful of what I don't like about them while being curious about the other person's strength. On the other hand, it can shift my thinking and behaviors from expressing "strong dislikes" and express "curiousity" for the person which allows me to build empathy.

I also believe in unconditional respect for psychological reasons. #Mindfulness #DBT

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Puppy therapy

<p>Puppy therapy</p>
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Health goals

A couple of days ago, I discovered an app called Lose It which helps with the management of my health. I am currently using it to track my calories and other macronutrients related to my health.

Also, since I am technologically savvy, I know that companies will sell subscriptions paid after a certain period. However, perpetual licenses for the program are offered via the companies website. Therefore, they rather you pay for a subscription than a lifetime premium.

So, I now own Lose It and I also bought a scale that connects to my phone. I am now working on exercising to lower my triglycerides.

Luckily, I have supportive parents that do the cooking - An instrumental task for daily living - and I get my calories counted quite quickly since they also use Lose It.

I have a cognitive mental health condition. Instrumental tasks I cannot do on my own are driving, but I can somewhat cook if I don’t have too many foods cooking at the same time.

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The Role Models - A Symbol Of Hope In Mental Health

Hi, everyone. I am looking for individuals on The Mighty who care about their mental health and are working towards self-improvement every day. Whether you are meditating, going to school, working, or even at home playing video games, the point is that you are doing it all to maintain your mental wellness. If you are interested in sharing your stories, writing inspirational thoughts about coping, or even just want to show your art to the world, feel free to join The Role Models. It is not about performing your best, it is about being open with others and sharing empowerment for others to learn from. So, come, and let's support each other. 😊 #Support #Rolemodels #inspirational #Motivational #Empowerment