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Join us if you want to chat with others who are up all night due to things like insomnia, painsomnia, anxiety, sleep disorders, or really any reason. All night owls welcome!
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What now!?

#BPD #Upallnight #Bipolar #PTSD #DV OK so I am still at this womens shelter and everything has been going well until yesterday this woman who is also staring here has been trying to talk to me then spewing hate and accusations at me saying she is going to get me kicked out and I am dangerous to kids and nasty and racist?!? Wtf??? I have had zero problems with anyone I share my pop cigs whatever I try to be kind and helpful so now I can barely come out of my room with her here!?! I have spoken with those in charge here and they say to stay away from her so I do but have accidentally run into her in kitchen so after all the drama she again talks to me and asks me what time I have to work tomorrow and I say I have nothing to say to you so then she lost it! I think she's on meth because it's belligerent and strange and makes no sense??? Any ideas???

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Trying to work doesn't work for me?

I can't sleep thinking about this part time job I took I shouldn't have even bothered to look for a job and start it! I was very specific about the hours days I could work and on my first week not in training she scheduled me for during my regularly scheduled counseling a standing appt that I explained last week that I have! My new boss screams and cusses freaking out if something doesn't go her way? I always try to work because people society treats you differently if you don't or can't hold a steady job! I can't sleep because I am thinking about the anxiety and stress it causes me to think about having to go in and deal with people all day in a store and I didn't know that I was going to be expected to make sellibg my major job? I thought people would come in pick out what they want and I would ring it up? No I am supposed to aggressively sell to each and every customer that isn't a rewards member?! Ugh! I just am not gonna be able to do this job and I won't be able to sleep worrying about it?! I'm not on disability yet but am trying just starting to get shit together to file!? Anyway I won't be able to do this job that is for sure I am over 50 and never held down a job? My anxiety panic attacks self esteem emotions being everywhere just doesn't go good with reg employment!? #BPD , #Bipolar , #opiate addiction,#domestic violence, #CPTSD , #Depression #Anxiety #panic attacks I am embarrassed and ashamed and poir and still won't be able to do this job so I am going to have to say so but I prolly won't I will probably just call in so many times she fires me!? This sucks! I always feel good looking for a job then getting it then the problems show and I bounce. I can't listen to her screaming and tripping out that triggers my shit!? When will I just accept that I can't do it? Man this really does suck!!!

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Up and Battling the Trauma Again

Can’t sleep. It’s Father’s Day which means reliving some past traumas revolving around my dad. Husband is so helpful and understanding but now he’s asleep too and I’m feeling very much alone. Afraid to sleep and dream of things that hurt that I can’t control. Nighttime always brings it on like this and today so much more than others.

If anyone is up and would like to connect I could use the friendship right now. There’s got to be someone else out there who is having a hard day today…. Just super triggering for me. I will be surprised if I get any sleep tonight.

#RapeSurvivors #Insomnia #PTSD #Incest

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Night time anxiety

Hello, I'm new to the mighty. I have most of my anxiety at night time. Maybe it's the thought of my day being over, and the thought of what might tomorrow bring. It's stress I have going on in life. Overthinking. Shoulda coulda wouldas. Then I become sleepless for hours, and end up falling asleep around 2 am, only to have a hard time waking up for work on time, and am exhausted. And repeat the next day. And the next. #Anxiety #Nighttime #Insomnia #sleepless #MindDoesntStop

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Afraid to close my eyes

<p>Afraid to close my eyes</p>
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Does anyone find any herbal medication that actually works it getting to sleep ??

<p>Does anyone find any herbal medication that actually works it getting to sleep ??</p>
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Cannot sleep

I cannot sleep. I have bad thoughts and I cannot communicate at home.I am alone at my room. I just see pyschriatrist today.

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Why do I feel like I have to “stand watch” while my family sleeps? #anxious insomniac

Both my adult daughter (lives on property in tiny house), and hubby have mental illness. I feel like I need to make sure they are ok when they sleep.

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Work helped but now I'm confused

Going back to work so soon after my son, mother and so many others in my family could have been a mistake but the distraction helped a lot. Then a kink of tragedy happened. I was taking my 10 minutes to let out my emotions when the new boss (she is 30 years younger and need lessons on how to respectfully talk to her employees) well she call me from my personal time to her office where she unprofessionally and with no kindness said my coworkers were complaining because I was coming into work sad occasionally. Since I only work with 3 other women it wasn't tough to figure it out. Now I could understand this concern if I maintained the sadness throughout the day (which I did not, in fact I may not have skipped down the yellow brick road on my ruby slippers every day but I was beginning to heal). This nasty discussion wrecked my attitude towards my job and coworkers. I am one of those unusual folks who loves her job. Now I don't know who to talk to, who to trust or where to go from here. This is just more on pile.#Depression#Suicie#PTSD

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