Product Manager

The Mighty is a digital health community created to empower and connect people facing health challenges and disabilities.

We are a community of people who care deeply about changing perceptions around disability and illness through the sharing of stories and experiences among those facing health challenges, their supporters and caregivers. By capturing the power of shared experiences, The Mighty promotes inclusion and acceptance. As a Product Manager, you’ll work on a cross functional, customer focused team to realize The Mighty’s company and product vision

At The Mighty, the Product Manager holds a broad range of responsibilities across the following areas:


  • Sets product vision, definition, goals and plans (annually, quarterly) for their area that are aligned with overarching company priorities.
  • Owns prioritizing the backlog of work intended to meet product goals
  • Conducts research and analysis across all dimensions (user, business, industry, technology) to drive decision-making and goal setting.
  • Seeks to quantify the expected ROI of major efforts.
  • Identifies, measures and evangelizes the most important areas of focus
  • Represents the perspective of the customer and the business to the product development team


  • Sets themes and goals for execution
  • Is actively engaged with the team throughout the development cycle. This includes requirement clarification, tradeoff decision making, acceptance criteria definition, and demos.
  • Works closely with UX and Engineering to create and validate hypotheses via prototyping, user testing and data.
  • Manages and appropriately prioritizes incoming tickets to ensure that critical stakeholder needs are met. 

Collaboration & Decision Making

  • Provides the team with important context around:
    • Business realities and needs
    • User realities and needs
    • Competitive/industry landscape
  • Manages stakeholder relationships and expectations related to the team’s work – Responds to feedback and adjusts plans accordingly.
  • Keeps sales, marketing, community, executive and other stakeholders informed of important projects that impact them and their customers. Provides training when necessary.

Drive for Improvement

  • Drive the establishment of team norms and expectations (backlog granularity, communication channels, etc)
  • Drive the ongoing evolution of product measurement and instrumentation

Desired Skills, Experience & Characteristics:

  • 2-5 years of experience in a software product development environment. It’s OK if you have not held a formal product management role. We are open to candidates with prior experience in data, design or engineering who are interested in pursuing product management. 
  • Analytical, with experience deriving insights from data and taking action.
  • Innately collaborative and inclusive work style.
  • Conscientious and thorough approach to decision making and documentation.
  • Empathetic, with a driving sense of curiosity about users and the ways we can serve them.
  • Understanding of modern web and app development environments and tools. Technical enough to ask the right questions, understand tradeoffs, and have a good sense of effort/scope of projects. 

To apply, send your resume and a note to